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Loại: Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Infrared technology

The SOLARIS independent columns form a real immaterial wall of detection. Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, no civil engineering is necessary during the installation. A radio mesh is then created by all the SOLARIS columns to transmit alarm information reliably and efficiently.
Each SOLARIS column integrates a very powerful radio transmitter/receiver with low power consumption.
When the infrared barrier detects an intrusion, the alarm information is received by all the nearby infrared columns which in turn retransmit it automatically. The alarm message is thus relayed up to a radio reception coordinator connected to the MAXIBUS 3000hub. The alarm centre is then alerted to the intrusion.


The infrared SOLARIS column is fully autonomous. Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, no civil engineering operation or wiring is necessary during installation.
The battery guarantees an excellent system autonomy (more than 1 month) and operating temperatures of – 35°C to +70°C. Each SOLARIS column is equipped with a radio transmitter / receiver from SORHEA. Thanks to a proprietary protocol, all the infrared columns form a secure mesh network.
This technology enables alarm information to take several paths simultaneously to reach the radio coordinator and thus ensure a high level of security. To reinforce the security of the information, a “watchdog” function surveys the correct functioning of the network.

  • EASY INSTALLATION : Autonomous barrier, no civil engineering or cabling
  • RELIABILITY : Communication through secure and trusted radio protocol. High power of detection
  • EFFICIENCY : 1st autonomous, long-range (100m) infrared barrier on the market

Since the SOLARIS column is easy to install, it can adapt to existing sites that require high-security perimeter surveillance:

  • logistics sites,
  • car dealerships,
  • industrial complexes, etc.

For complex sites in which the SOLARIS column cannot be installed in a cleared area, it is possible to use the solar panel remotely and thus guarantee system power supply.


Maximum range inside100 m
Heights and types of columns1m – 2m – 2,5m – 3m Simple et double face
Cells3 to 10 cells (6 to 20 beams)
Selectable channels4
Alarm informationIntrusion / Disqualification / Tamper/ Anti-climbing cap/ Power failure / Loss of radio link
Alarm transmissionDynamic meshed radio network to radio coordinator
Radio frequency869.725MHz – 869.975MHz (five 50 KHz channels) NF EN 300220-3
Data encryption256 bits AES
Power supplySolar panel and battery in each column
Alignment aid toolsAudible and visual signals on all the columns
Temperature of use-35°C to +70°C
Electromagnetic compatibilityCompliant with European standards (EC label)

To use the barriers properly, it is important to ensure that the barrier is not installed on an unstable support. Before installing an infrared barrier, check that the ground is quite level and will guarantee the stability of the columns with time. A maximum of 10° elevation may be tolerated between the columns. In case of elevation above 10°, contact SORHEA’s sales department.

Check that no vegetation can cover the beams, no matter the season and weather condition (wind).

It is also important to check the cleanliness of the covers: it is important to clean them with a soft and damp cloth at least once a year.

» Check that the solar panel is not hidden by vegetation and that it is not under a shelter. If the installation of the column does not allow it, the solar panel must be used remotely.

The cleanliness of the solar panel must also be checked and maintained at least once a year.

» The radio coordinator must be installed outside, towards the middle of the protected perimeter and as high as possible.

» Check that anti-frost caps are installed to ensure that the SOLARIS barriers are working at all times

This technology works at a wavelength above that of visible light (950nm), which makes the IR beam invisible to the naked eye.

The infrared beams are transmitted and received by infrared cells. The transmitter cellsgenerate a pulsed beam that is sent towards the receiver cellswhich capture the infrared pulses and transform them into electrical signals. In the absence or variation of the signal (loss of 95% of the transmitted signal), an intrusion alarm is triggered. To prevent the receiver cells from being interfered with by the transmitted infrared beams thecells are multiplexed.

This principle consists in transmitting an infrared pulse in a synchronised manner, via an optical or wired link between the transmitter and receiver columns. This feature is also used to optimize the alignment of the cells (“alignment feedback”). All the SORHEA IR barriers are multiplexed (except UNIRIS II & BIRIS II).

Solaris 45°

Grade Bracket: the grade bracket mounts on double-stack columns to correct uneven grades up to 45 degrees.

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