MG5070 New Control Panel

The MG5075 is a future-ready (FSK System) wireless control
panel that uses the latest in wireless technology.

It comes with a plastic box with built-in display for your system status. It is
offered with either a built-in 110 / 220V / 75W power supply, or wall plug 110 / 220V / 15 Vdc / 60W power supply option allowing the panel to provide a maximum auxiliary current of 2.5A.

With both power supplies MG5075 will recharge 7 Ah
battery in less then 7H or 24 Ah battery in about 24H.
The MG5075 provides integrated video supervision with
support of up to 15 HD78F / HD88 cameras.

It enables you to remotely access your Paradox system via the Insite GOLD
app for system status and arming / disarming. It enables
you to easily connect to your system from any Android / iOS

The control panel can be expanded to provide you with more
features, such as the VDMP3 Plug-In Voice Module and the
IP150 Internet Module. With their in-field upgrade capability,
Magellan control panels allow installers to upgrade systems
without hassle – quickly and easily. And to further simplify
installation, the MG5075 can be configured using easyto-follow program menus via a keypad or remotely via the
BabyWare PC software.

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